Week in Ethereum News
April 15, 2023

Eth News and Links

Shapella (Shanghai + Capella) upgrade

Dencun (Cancun + Deneb) upgrade

Layer 1

For Stakers


Layer 2


  • EIPs:
  • ERCs:
    • ERC6864: Upgradable fungible token
    • ERC6865: Onchain EIP712 visualization

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Stuff for developers



Notable at app layer

  • Ondo OMMF (money market funds token): KYC & 100k USDC minimum 
  • Gandalf: tokengate Typeform, Notion, Substack, Medium, Gitbook & Google Docs, alpha
  • Metropolis podarchy explorer: visualize account relationships, permissions & multisig signers

Job Listings

Job listings: $600 for four issues (75 character limit), payable to abcoathup.eth.  Questions? abcoathup at-gmail



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Upcoming Dates of Note

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