January 18, 2019

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Constantinople postponed

  • The day before the scheduled Constantinople upgrade fork, ChainSecurity found that EIP1283 potentially allowed deployed contracts to be vulnerable to a re-entrancy attack. There was no bug in the EIP per se, but it broke an implied invariant for a small but then-indeterminate amount of deployed code. Hence, out of an abundance of caution but with limited time for the community to come to consensus, Constantinople was successfully postponed.
  • A full post-action report by Trail of Bits, ChainSecurity, and Eveem. They proffer a different alternative to 1283 – refund difference of intended cost of writes. Magicians thread on 1283 alternatives and thread on invariants.
  • New ConstantiNOPE client releases by which the fork was avoided (update if you haven’t): GethParity (stable) and betaTrinityNethermindPantheonEthereum on ARM
  • Constantinople is set for block 7280000, around Feb 27. EIP1283 is not included.

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