Week in Ethereum News
October 15, 2022

Eth News and Links

Execution layer

  • Tim Beiko’s core devs update: Shanghai candidate EIPs, calls resume October 27
  • Besu v22.7.6: hotfix for v22.7.x failed block proposals
  • Erigon v2.28.0: stability fixes & optimizations
  • Shandong: pre-Shanghai upgrade testnet, Lodestar + Ethereum JS EL client

Consensus layer


  • Ethereum Cat Herders Learn-2-Earn: complete quizzes on EIPs to receive POAPs
  • ERCRef: repository for ERC implementations
  • EIP5773: Multi-resource token

Layer 2

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Stuff for developers



Application layer

  • Uniswap web app: adds token data, discovery and search
  • Polynomial Portal one-click deposit on any chain bridges to Optimism, converts to Synths & deposits into vault
  • Dolomite margin protocol & DEX live on Arbitrum
  • Timeless Bunni: represents LP positions as ERC20 tokens instead of NFTs
  • 0xSplits Waterfall: tiered payouts using fixed amounts, live on mainnet & Optimism
  • Google search displays Ether balance from Etherscan when searching an address
  • NFT Embed adds embedding in Medium, WordPress & Webflow and aggregates listings
  • Quix Optimism NFT bridge from mainnet
  • Gitcoin propose to delay Grants Round 16 until 2023 to focus on decentralized protocol

Job Listings

Job listings: $600 for four issues (75 character limit), payable in ETH/DAI/USDC to abcoathup.eth on mainnet or Layer 2. Pay with one click using 3cities.  Questions? abcoathup at-gmail



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