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November 1, 2020

Eth News and Links


  • Retesteth v0.9, test suite for the Berlin hard fork
  • Latest core devs call. Notes from Tim Beiko. The BLS12-381 precompile (eip2537) is likely not going to be in the next hard fork, which is due in q1 2021. Fork tentatively is: EIP2315 (evm subroutines), EIP2929 (state access gas increase), EIP2718 (typed transaction envelope), EIP2930 (optional access lists) and EIP2565 (modexp precompile gas repricing)
  • Turbogeth weekly alpha release, faster log storage
  • Barnabé Monnot’s 1559 fee market/escalator jupyter notebook and tweetstorm


  • EIP3074: Sponsored Transaction Precompile
  • ERC3076: Validator client interchange standard
  • EIP3068: precompile for BN256 HashToCurve Algorithms

Proof of Stake launch


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Good idea, bad design: How the Diamond standard falls short. We audited an implementation of the Diamond upgradeability proposal and can’t recommend it in its current form. It’s a laudable undertaking, but the Diamond proposal and its implementation raise many concerns. Still, there’s plenty to learn from it.

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