Week in Ethereum News
June 12, 2021

Eth News and Links

Mainnet execution layer


  • EIP3607: Reject transactions from senders with deployed code
  • Proto-EIP: Witness gas cost reform for Verkle trees
  • Proto-EIP: State expiry

Proof of stake consensus layer

  • Exploring MEV in PoS: MEV will still exist and increase validator rewards, may amplify inequalities between validators, exchanges may possibly control largest amount of validator slots
  • Lighthouse v1.4.0: 1/3rd the RAM and 1/5th the execution layer calls
  • Teku v21.6.0: report current peer count API, eth1 requests metric
  • Beaconcha.in mobile app v2.0: Monitor staking device performance (Lighthouse & Prysm – alpha)


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Stuff for developers




Application layer



Job Listings

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