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June 4, 2017

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Token Sale Structures

  • Alex van de Sande shares some PoC code for continuous token sale
  • Tom Ding’s discussion on responsible protocol funding
  • Luke Duncan’s proposal: Max time frame, max gas price, proportional tokens to total raised, but burn extra ETH
    • Whether the extra ETH goes to founders or to 0xBURN doesn’t affect the price paid by the people over the cap
  • Nice comment thread on how to fix token sale structures, including a few from Patri Friedman.
    • I’m baffled that so many founders don’t do reverse Dutch auctions.  Why do founders like selling their tokens way below market value in order to make whales richer?


Dates of note

From Token Sale Calendar:

Ongoing token sales:

[I aim for a relatively comprehensive list of Ethereum sales, but make no warranty as to even whether they are legit; as such, I thus likewise warrant nothing about whether any will produce a satisfactory return. I have passed the CFA exams, but this is not investment advice. If you’re interested in what I do, you can find my investing thesis and token sale appreciation strategies in previous newsletters.]

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