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June 19, 2021

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Mainnet execution layer


Proof of stake consensus layer


This newsletter is made possible thanks to Celer’s layer2.finance!


Celer is a coherent layer-2 scaling platform on Ethereum powered by Generalized State Channel Network and Rollup technology. 

Celer recently launched Layer2.finance, a layer-2 rollup-based DeFi aggregator that acts as a low-cost and trust-free gateway for the users to explore and benefit from the existing DeFi ecosystem with 100X lower cost. Layer2.finance achieves scalability “in-place” with no protocol migration needed and therefore, does not cause liquidity fragmentation or break composability. You can use the app here: app.l2.finance

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Stuff for developers

  • Hardhat v2.4.0: Solidity 0.8: custom errors and panic codes; Hardhat Network: minimum gas price to simulate network conditions, transaction replacement and new RPC methods
  • Solidity team seeking feedback on requested feature: user-defined value types
  • App template with Vue 3, Tailwind CSS, Ethers, Multicall2, Blocknative onboarding, dark mode and Vite
  • PRBMath v2: adds type safety
  • Weiroll: chain contract operations (early stage, don’t use on mainnet yet)
  • ChainSafe Gaming SDK: beta for Unity
  • Eauth: OAuth2-compatible service using Ethereum credentials to authenticate users on websites




Application layer



Job Listings

Want to reach people experienced with Ethereum? List your job here. $345 per line (~75 character limit including spaces), payable in ETH (or 345 DAI or 345 USDC) to abcoathup.eth. Questions? abcoathup at-gmail

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