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October 11, 2020

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Proof of Stake launch


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Stuff for developers


Application layer

  • Endaoment: donor-advised funds on Ethereum; USDC held on-chain and sent to charities as directed. Lower overhead means lower fees. Live on mainnet now.
  • Streamr’s framework to build data unions to sell your date collectively is live on mainnet
  • Stablecoin trading still hot: Shell Protocol is live on mainnet
  • Cofix AMM: higher liquidity close to market price when volatility is low, using the Nest oracle
  • Kyber’s moves to adapt to market conditions



Job Listings

Want your job listing here? $250 per line (~75 character limit including spaces), payable in ETH (or 250 DAI or 250 USDC) to evan.ethereum.eth. Questions? thecryptonewspodcast at-gmail

🥩 Staking pool questionnaire: October 15 🥩 

My questionnaire for staking pools is due October 15th.

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