Week in Ethereum News
October 13, 2019

Eth News and Links


Layer 2

Stuff for developers


  • Live video feeds from Devcon. You’ll likely need the agenda to find the talks you want to see.
  • EthDNS: ENS + IPFS everywhere and its DNS over https service
  • Unstoppable Domains built its .crypto domains on ETH
  • Ethereum on ARM. New images for NanoPC-T4, Rockpro64 & Raspberry Pi. Run a full node with Geth/Parity/Trinity. Plus: Status.im, Raiden, IPFS, Swarm and Vipnode. Or an eth2 testnet with Prysmatic.
  • Kobi Gurkan found a bug in the snark implementation of the MIMC hash function in circomlib. Thus, Tornado.cash had to hack itself, but everything is fine. They migrated everything to a new contract and updated the UI. Privacy was never lost.


Standards and governance topics

Application layer

Tokens / Business / Regulation


Dates of Note

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