Week in Ethereum News
June 21, 2020

Eth News and Links


  • Trinity v0.1.0-alpha.36 (Python client) – BeamSync improvements, metrics tracking (influxDB/Grafana), partial eth/65 support
  • Updated Eth on ARM images. Geth fast syncs a full node in 40 hours on 8GB Raspberry Pi4
  • Miners began bumping up the gas limit (12m now), which sparked some polemics about the tradeoff between state growth versus user fees. Higher gas limit resulted in safelow gas fees in the teens for the first time in weeks.


  • Prysmatic (Go) client update – stable Onyx testnet, 80% validators community run, RAM usage optimizations
  • Nimbus (Nim) client update – up to spec, 10-50x processing speedup, splitting node and validator clients
  • SigmaPrime’s update on their Eth2 fuzzer – found some Prysmatic bugs, fuzzing Lodestar (Javascript client), Lighthouse ENR crate bug, dockerizing the fuzzer so the community can run it
  • Jonny Rhea’s Packetology posts (one and two) on identifying validators
  • Attack nets – a testnet specifically for attacks



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