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September 1, 2019

Eth News and Links


  • There’s an ongoing debate as to how much Eth1 should make breaking changes. In this instance, it’s about opcode repricing which might break code deployed on the chain, even though it is a bad practice to rely on static gas pricing. Sorpaas says no breaking changes please, though that’s opposed to the original sustainability movement which got mislabeled “eth1x.” It’s not an easy debate in a decentralized ecosystem, though we have repriced opcodes before, because that’s necessary to avoid DoS attacks.
  • Swende’s 1884 security considerations
  • ChainSecurity’s Hubert Ritzdorf analysis of deployed code potentially affected by EIP1884
  • Swende 2046 benchmarking in Geth. 2046 reduces cost of calls to precompiles
  • an EVM backend for LLVM from ETC Labs Core
  • evmone: fast EVM implementation in c++
  • Péter Szilágyi: “we have an experimental Geth full node weighing 139GB on #Ethereum mainnet: 94GB on HDD and 45GB on SSD. It’s in sync”
  • Parity v2.6.2-beta and v2.5.7-stable to fix a DoS attack of publicly exposed RPCs. Kudos to Amberdata for reporting.


Layer 2

Stuff for developers



Governance and Standards

Live on mainnet

Application layer

  • Dharma v2 in beta, built on Compound for fixed rates with fiat on/offramps
  • PoolTogether v2: auto re-entry, interest is immediate, can join or leave pool at any time
  • You can play the Prisoner’s Dilemma onchain (caveat emptor)
  • LSDai: tokenized interest rate swaps
  • TokenSet’s 50 day moving average automated trading strategy. I think these are super cool and bought a few.
  • Torque: indefinite, fixed rate loans borrowed from bZx’s Fulcrum lending pools. “Torque did not require substantial smart contract development — the tools were already there”

Tokens / Business / Regulation


🎂 3 year anniversary 🎂

Just to repeat the advertisement immediately above: you can buy the limited edition NFT for 0.11 Eth which will unlock the annotated edition.

All proceeds will be back into Ethereum somehow, likely donated to a public good, at my discretion. And who knows, maybe there will be future benefits for the 200 NFT holders?

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