March 22, 2019

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Layer 2

  • Counterfactual releases Playground developer alpha with demo environment and multiple demo applications. Go build with generalized state channels
  • Transcript of Vitalik’s rollup talk last week on getting to 270k transactions per second with rollups on phase 1 of the beacon chain

Stuff for developers

Client release



Governance and Standards

Application layer

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Tokens / Business / Regulation

  • Simon de la Rouviere’s This Artwork is Always on Sale using Harberger tax is live. Currently valued at 888 ETH – though you pay 5% per year, and you can just put down a partial deposit.
  • How Vitalik sees Eth’s strategy: “Ethereum is best suited to continue to provide value and prosper in the presence of a growing number of such chains by going for the “stable L1, no on-chain governance, focus more innovation on L2 over time” approach, ie. basically moderate bitcoin values, except that it’s actually a very defensible position when you have a scalable data layer and any kind of richly-stateful VM at all at L1”


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