Week in Ethereum News
January 8, 2022

Eth News and Links

Mainnet execution layer

  • Latest core devs call video. Notes from Tim Beiko:
    • Kintsugi testnet split due to some clients accepting an invalid block created by fuzz testing
    • EIP1153 (transient storage opcodes) discussion, useful in next version of Uniswap, shout if your app would benefit from this
    • Prioritizing Shanghai upgrade EIPs: withdrawals and some EIPs from backlog, new EIPs need strong rationale to prioritize over backlog
    • Suggest names for PoW switch off execution layer upgrade [e.g. Paris]
  • Geth v1.10.15: bug fixes, peer-to-peer eth connections could lock up
  • Besu v21.10.6: update for log4j
  • Some exchanges still haven’t implemented EIP1559 type 2 transactions
  • Vitalik’s multidimensional EIP1559 proposal, create burst limits for each resource starting with EVM execution, transaction calldata, witness data and storage size growth 


  • EIP4635: Semi-fungible token standard
  • EIP4626: Yield bearing vault standard
  • EIP4393: Micropayments Standard for NFTs and Multi Tokens

Proof of Stake consensus layer

  • Stakers should prepare to run an execution client ready for PoW switch off
  • Teku v22.1.0: update for log4j, adds Kintsugi network definition
  • Lodestar v0.33.0: libp2p updates, discv5 to v0.6.6, upgrade to node v16, validator metrics, enable light client to sync to head, Kintsugi updates
  • Ben Edgington’s Upgrading Ethereum book chapter on incentives


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Stuff for developers

  • Solmate v6 (Solidity library): ERC721 & ERC1155 implementations, fast sqrt, fpow & fdiv, MultiRolesAuthority; audited, AGPL v3 license
  • ethers.js v5.5.3: adds Kintsugi network and avatar fixes 
  • Foundry cast wallet: create new wallet, get address, sign message and verify digital signature
  • wagmi: React Hooks library for working with wallets, ENS, contracts, transactions & signing; MIT License
  • web3modal v1.9.5: Coinbase Wallet support, new injected providers
  • solidity-shell v0.0.10: Solidity v0.8.11, basic auto-complete
  • hardhat-etherscan v3.0.0: supports multiple API keys 
  • lil-web3: simplified versions of web3 protocols to understand how they work; ENS, OpenSea, Fractional, Juicebox, flash loan and multi-sig
  • Why you should use NatSpec comments with Solidity contracts
  • Austin Griffith’s challenges for web2 devs
  • FaucETH: testnet faucet for Goerli, Rinkeby, Kovan, Kintsugi, Arbitrum Rinkeby and Optimism Kovan
  • cairostarter: minimal template for StarkNet projects; AGPL v3 license
  • hashtree: SHA256 library optimized for Merkle tree computations
  • SuperStruct: Rust library for versioned data


  • Notional vulnerability disclosure, attacker could borrow without sufficient capital, feature disabled, no funds lost, $1 million bounty paid + 100k NOTE
  • Illuvium vulnerability in staking contracts, minting paused, no funds lost
  • YEAR airdrop token 30ETH rugpull, transfers prevented by changing ownership, pool drained
  • SAILFISH system to find state inconsistency bugs, paper evaluates detection of reentrancy and transaction order dependence in contracts
  • Austin Williams’ pro bono security spot checks for interesting/important projects



  • Samsung’s 2022 TVs to include NFT platform
  • Skiff decentralized document collaboration adds ENS support for onboarding and sharing

Application layer

Job Listings

Reach developers experienced with Ethereum.  $600 for four issues (~75 character limit), payable in ETH/DAI/USDC to abcoathup.eth on mainnet, Arbitrum or Optimism.  Questions? abcoathup at-gmail


  • US CFTC fines event market Polymarket (Polygon) $1.4 million with order to wind down non-compliant markets
  • US IRS requires third-party settlement orgs such as PayPal and Venmo to report goods & services transactions for annual gross sales over $600
  • Fred Wilson: ETH market cap will surpass BTC, due to PoW switch off and that productive assets must be worth more than non-productive assets


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