Week in Ethereum News
May 14, 2022

Eth News and Links

PoW switch off (the Merge)

Mainnet execution layer

  • Latest core devs call video. Notes from Tim Beiko & Christine Kim:
    • Mainnet-shadow-fork-4: empty blocks due to consensus clients asking for the candidate block too quickly
    • Ropsten to be upgraded to PoS early June with permissionless beacon chain, not using Fork ID; Sepolia beacon chain to be permissioned
    • Agreed on latest, finalized & safe JSON RPC block tags
    • EIP discussions: EIP4938 (eth/67: removal of GetNodeData) and EIP5081 (expirable transaction)
  • Nethermind v1.13.0: beta snap sync support, sync reduced from 24+ hours to 2 hours & download size cut from ~90GB to ~30GB
  • Erigon v2022.05.03-alpha: more fixes to improve snapshot download speed

Proof of Stake consensus layer



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clr.fund and ETHStaker are running a 350k DAI (funded by the Ethereum Foundation) quadratic funding round dedicated to open source public goods for our staking ecosystem.

Under the hood, clr.fund uses zk-SNARKs using MACI to prevent collusion and bribery attacks as well as BrightID for Sybil-attack resistance.

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Stuff for developers



  • Decentralized Society (DeSoc): ecosystem of accounts (Souls) holding revocable soulbound (non-transferrable) tokens for social identity, with community recovery
  • Wallet devs call notes: discussions on batch/bundled transactions endpoint, support multiple wallet extensions and cross-wallet testing
  • Ads on crypto websites such as Etherscan & Coingecko used in token approval attack


Application layer

  • Maker vault used to finance Australian beef shipment
  • Bancor v3: single-sided staking, impermanent loss protection, dual rewards, auto-compounding rewards, and composable single-sided pool tokens
  • Sushi live on Optimism
  • Element Finance open sourced research [Disclosure: Evan is advisor]
  • Backed (NFT-backed loans) live on Optimism
  • Gnosis Safe Transaction Simulation in transaction builder
  • Karma: delegate from DAO contributor reputation leaderboard; [Disclosure: Starbloom portfolio]
  • Hop using Sybil hunters to find Sybil airdrop attackers
  • Reminder to check ENS expiry dates
  • ETHPass: token gated events with tickets in Apple Wallet/Google Pay, scanning tickets can autoclaim POAPs
  • Huddle01: token gated video calls live; beta
  • Headline: decentralized publishing & newsletter platform
  • OpenSea updated account verification and collection badging system

Job Listings

Reach developers experienced with Ethereum.  $600 for four issues (~75 character limit), payable in ETH/DAI/USDC to abcoathup.eth on mainnet, Arbitrum or Optimism.  Questions? abcoathup at-gmail



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