February 15, 2018

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Governance and EIPs

  • Yoichi Hirai resigned as an EIP editor after 3 months in the position.  He opposed EIP867 and felt that he might have legal risk in Japan, even though the EIP was already dead in the water. If you read his post, he clearly wasn’t happy fulfilling the duties of the editor, so it seems like a win for all that he focuses on all of his other fantastic Ethereum work.
  • Greg Colvin and Jamie Pitts propose a fellowship to work on EIPs. Governance in Ethereum is informal, but it generally works because people assume good faith and work toward consensus.  And there’s always the exit option to fork.  This Fellowship should be an interesting step.
  • Relevant: Nate Rush and Sunny Aggarwal interview Vlad Zamfir and Arthur Breitman on governance.  Here’s the reading list to prepare to watch.
  • ERC875, non fungible token standard with cheap atomic swaps
  • EIP877 separate transaction signer from deployer

MyCrypto.com forks from MyEtherWallet

  • Taylor forked MEW and started MyCrypto. The entire team went with Taylor
  • Kosala filed a lawsuit a few months ago.  MEW LLC got dissolved in there somewhere.
  • Taylor moved the MEW Twitter account.  4Chan invaded r/ethereum for a few days. Taylor/MC ultimately decided to start afresh with a new twitter account
  • Go follow the new MyCrypto account
  • Forks are painful, but I bet this ends up being good for all parties in the long run.  


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