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July 23, 2017

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  • SEC finds TheDAO to be a security, but does not pursue enforcement against Slock.it
    • Context: It was my impression at the time that Slock.it helped conjure TheDAO in order to achieve a technological work around of securities laws.  It’s not surprising that the SEC fired back and claimed jurisdiction.  You could argue that a federal regulator showed admirable restraint in a new technological field, all things considered.
    • Report affirms that the Howey test is the right way to look at tokens.  Obviously some are securities, some are not. Duh.
    • Fact finding report was rather weak on one of the Howey prongs (“Derived from the Managerial Efforts of Others”) which may also help explain the lack of enforcement action.
    • Real talk: Bitcoin maximalist and ETC FUD over the last few years has claimed that the DAO fork happened because insiders would take losses on the DAO. That always seemed to be nonsense, as few ETH insiders appeared to hold substantial DAO tokens.  The rumor at the time was that many people felt forking was necessary to avoid long and painful SEC enforcement actions.
    • The report laid an expensive yet ambiguous regulatory burden on exchanges with American customers to avoid security tokens.
    • Catch 22: to not be a security under Howey, a token should have utility value.  But if American consumers can’t buy the tokens because exchanges are afraid to list tokens, then it’s tough for that token to be utilized.
    • This report ensures that the US will continue to far further behind in web3.  Jurisdictional competition is real, and so far regulators have not provided meaningful guidance as to how they will interpret the Howey test for token sales. The investigative report was quite reasonable, yet unfortunately some of the investor bulletin contained strong assumptions that a token sale is a security.  [And the SEC was using limited resources to pay for Facebook ads for that investor bulletin?]  Mixed messages.
    • Status quo of ambiguity remains: a non-zero number of projects will continue to choose to move abroad and most token sales will bar Americans from participating.
    • Only way to reverse that trend is for SEC/Congress to issue either a safe harbor or clear guidance on utility tokens.
  • Parity bug.  An attacker got about $32m USD in Ether from a bug in the Parity multi-sig wallet used by various projects
    • Bug had just a single code review when it was introduced.
    • Zeppelin explains the hack.
    • Jordan Leigh video explainer of the exploit
    • Timeline compiled by Bok Koo. Hacker first emptied Edgeless, then came back 13 hours later for SwarmCity and aeternity.  5 hours later, the WhiteHatGroup began safeguarding Ether and tokens worth ~$200m and finished in about 7 hours.
    • How to get your value back from the WHG. The WHG has already returned most of it.  Thank you WHG.
    • But why didn’t the attacker take that $200m? It’s ridiculously easy to find a target list of vulnerably Parity multi-sigs by finding similar contracts, and the attacker had plenty of time. Presumably that attacker is sophisticated enough to realize how ridiculously harder it would be to hard fork than it was for the DAO.  Perhaps the constraint was a byproduct of the DAO fork, but that seems unlikely.
    • Attacker appears to have picked targets based on Parity’s logo.  Edgeless, SwarmCity and aeternity all have logos similar to the infinity sympol. [Can’t find the tweet where I first saw this in order to cite it.]  Parity’s logo looks like 2/3 of an infinity symbol.  Coincidence?  Or personal pique?
    • Gavin Wood’s post mortem.  Emin Gün Sirer’s.


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  • OpenLaw – a protocol for binding legal contract on Ethereum and IPFS
  • Etherep – simple Ethereum-based reputation system, on Ropsten
  • Dether – localbitcoins for Ethereum
  • NuCypher – decentralized key management?

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