March 1, 2019

Ethereum News and Links

Layer 1

Client releases

Plasma and sidechains

State channels

Stuff for developers


Live on mainnet

  • Melon v1 released. capped at 5k/fund at UI level, bug bounties open.
  • Helena – prediction market platform built on Gnosis. Industry insiders and obsessives participate in crypto-focused prediction markets, rewarded from bounty pools and eventually from subscription revenue.


Governance and Standards

  • Latest core devs call. Agenda to follow along.
  • Proposed: higher standards for EIPs
  • ERC1780: JSON-LD Contract Metadata for Semantic Web Ontologies
  • ERC1789: 20% of issuance dedicated to ecosystem development
  • ERC1803: Rename BALANCE, SHA3, GAS, NUMBER, GASLIMIT, and INVALID opcodes for clarity
  • EIP1805: Simple Streamable Serialize for network transport
  • ERC1775: App Keys, application specific wallet accounts. FEM discussion
  • ERC1776: Native meta transactions
  • On-chain governance is hard. Aragon One’s John Light on AGP1: “While the Aragon Network Token contract showed around 20,000 unique addresses holding ANT at the time of the vote, only around 60 unique addresses participated. All together these 60 addresses controlled at most 7.85% of the ANT supply”
  • ZEIP23 approved with 300 unique addresses voting.

Application layer

Interviews, Podcasts, Videos, Talks 

Tokens / Business / Regulation


Dates of Note

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