Week in Ethereum News
January 15, 2022

Eth News and Links

Mainnet execution layer


Proof of Stake consensus layer


  • Optimism transaction fees reduced, transactions ~30% cheaper on average
  • Arbitrum Sequencer downtime due to hardware failure, backup had software upgrade in progress, Arbitrum still in beta, plans to decentralize Sequencer
  • Binance enables Arbitrum withdrawals
  • Polygon Zero (formerly Mir) Plonky2: recursive SNARK based on PLONK and FRI, recursive proofs generated in ~170ms on Macbook Pro
  • Fuel proposes Layer 2 token model: tokenizing right to collect fees as a Layer 2 block producer; suggests models to avoid: PoS, fee paying & governance
  • Celer inter-chain message framework live on testnet, single click UX to send arbitrary messages and execution instructions
  • Adoption curves of Optimism and Arbitrum vs sidechains (linear & log scale)

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Stuff for developers

  • Foundry: debugger: step through a transaction and view opcodes, stack, memory & source code highlighting
  • Foundry parallel EVM tests: speed up unit and fuzz tests
  • Getting started with Forge (Foundry testing framework)
  • OpenZeppelin Contracts v4.5 release candidate open review
  • Hardhat-marmite: Hardhat plugin to compare gas costs of Solidity snippets
  • xdeployer v1.1.0: Hardhat plugin to deploy contracts with deterministic address (uses CREATE2), supports mainnet, Arbitrum, Optimism & testnets
  • Seatbelt: test suite for Governor Bravo proposals, lists referenced addresses, confirms referenced contracts are verified and lists state changes
  • PaymentSplitter: factory to create low cost splitters using EIP1167 minimal proxies, fixed cost <200k gas
  • evm-codes: adds precompiled contracts reference
  • evm-puzzles: new levels, set transaction data/value so won’t revert
  • starknet-cairo-101: set of exercises to learn StarkNet
  • Blocknative Transaction Preview API: simulate transactions to see effects before authorizing
  • Matthew Green’s casual review of MetaMask crypto
  • Ethereum Data Warehouse: queryable full history, based on Snowflake cloud, relation between events and emitting call, limited beta



Application layer

  • Opyn Squeeth live on mainnet, tracks index of ETH squared, options like exposure without need for strikes or expiries, no liquidations on long side 
  • EPNS (push notification service) live, subscribe to channels for notifications
  • Olympus v2 Bonds: adds auto-staking and flexible vesting
  • Live on Optimism
  • Euler Finance guide to hedging in Uniswap
  • ENS eth.link: DNS servers being switched to CloudFlare to avoid breaking ENS subdomain SSLs, older IPFS versions need upgrading
  • LooksRare NFT marketplace, fees paid to token stakers, offer on any NFT in a collection, floor prices of traits, apparent wash trading for rewards
  • MoonCats: traits, colors and SVGs now on-chain
  • FancyLoogies: composable on-chain SVG NFT on Optimism
  • Doomsday NFT: on-chain survival game, NFTs randomly destroyed

Job Listings

Reach developers experienced with Ethereum.  $600 for four issues (~75 character limit), payable in ETH/DAI/USDC to abcoathup.eth on mainnet, Arbitrum or Optimism.  Questions? abcoathup at-gmail



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