May 23, 2018

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  • ERC721 is in “last call” so there’s a decent amount of discussion.
  • EIP1108: “proposes a 10x reduction in the gas cost for the ECADD precompile, 20x for ECMUL, and a 14x reduction in the per-pairing cost of the pairing check precompile” due to faster implementation
  • EIP1109: Remove call costs for precompiled contracts
  • ERC1081: standard bounties (updated)
  • ERC1115: decentralized user authentication standard
  • ERC1111: introspective metadata definition disclosure
  • ERC1102: opt-in web3 access
  • EIP1098: Cross-client encrypt/decrypt
  • Discussion on ERC712 using eth_signTypedData as a human readable standard

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