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June 24, 2017

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  • Big news of the week was the Status sale. They raised 300k ETH, or about $110m at the time. The 50gwei max gasprice meant that for hours after the sale started, miners processed all the invalid transactions above 50gwei and none of the valid transactions.
    • How crazy was it? This picture from MyEtherWallet says it all: to date, Status was THE token sale.
    • At least 20k+ pending transactions throughout the day, flooding the transaction pool client limits.  You can see the aftermath on this page of network usage stats.
    • I lost money on the sale as none of my transactions from any address went through until the sale ended while I was asleep and thus I paid mining fees. Not to mention how much time I spent on it. Incredibly frustrating; I’m hardly alone.
    • Yet overall, I’m with Dan Finlay: “In the long view, devoting the entire eth network for a day or two to one of its most anticipated clients is probably okay”
    • During the sale, I and several friends noticed that f2pool was very suspiciously accepting transactions below 50 gwei. See here also.  Keep in mind, at the time, not even any 50gwei transactions were being accepted. [f2pool denies it]
  • EIP648: nodes could parallel process on multiple cores. Reddit thread.  This would allow us to put a massive sale like Status on just one of the threads, thus the network stays fine.
  • Emin Gün Sirer and Phil Daian: Bancor Is Flawed.  Bancor fires back: This Analysis is Flawed.  For the good of Ethereum, all of this Bancor debate should have been pre-token sale.

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  • Blockcat aims to make smart contracts accessible to non-technical people
  • ProveQ: offchain Turing test to prevent sybil attacks in token sales

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[I aim for a relatively comprehensive list of Ethereum sales, but make no warranty as to even whether they are legit; as such, I thus likewise warrant nothing about whether any will produce a satisfactory return. I have passed the CFA exams, but this is not investment advice. If you’re interested in what I do, you can find my somewhat out of date investing thesis and token sale appreciation strategies in previous newsletters.]

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