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February 3, 2024

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Dencun (Cancun + Deneb) upgrade (meta EIP7569)

  • Latest all core devs – execution (ACDE) call video. Recap by Tim Beiko.  Notes from Tim Beiko and Christine Kim:
    • Mainnet: Dencun upgrade date to be set on ACDC next week; assumes no issues with Holešky testnet upgrade, Goerli blob expiry & churn limit testing and Devnet 12 blob spamming
    • Sepolia testnet: uneventfully upgraded to Dencun, blobs are flowing
    • Prague upgrade: Discussions on including EOF or EIP4444 (bound historical data) and how Portal network could distribute historical data; scope to be finalized on ACDE in two weeks
    • Osaka upgrade: Verkle agreed as core feature; Verkle overview & current status: ~2 weeks to build Verkle tree prior to upgrade & execution 10% slower

Osaka upgrade (meta EIP7607)

Centralization watch: threatening the value of your ETH


  • Unconditional inclusion lists (for censorship resistance): transactions are included in a first or second slot, otherwise they are unconditionally added in order to the bottom of the second slot

Client releases

  • Consensus layer:
    • Lodestar v1.15.0: fixes for Deneb upgrade, js-libp2p updated to v1 and minor fixes for UX & performance improvements
    • Nimbus v24.2.0: stability improvements for Deneb
    • Prysm v4.2.1: older CPUs without AVX support will have failures on testnets
  • Execution layer:
    • Erigon v2.57.2: fix for RpcDaemon seeing recently retired blocks

Support the Roman Storm & Alex Pertsev legal defense fund

Open source is not a crime

The Biden administration is attempting to criminalize open source software development as part of its war on crypto.

Donate to defend our innocent Ethereum heroes.  Retweet to spread awareness.

Layer 2


  • EIPs:
    • EIP7605: Homogeneous validator penalty
    • Meta EIP7607: Hardfork Meta – Osaka
    • EIP7609: Decrease TLOAD/TSTORE pricing
    • EIP7610: Revert creation in case of non-empty storage
  • ERCs (application layer):

Stuff for developers

  • Remix v0.42: Solidity v0.8.24 now default and GPT help for Circom compiler errors
  • GasliteVest: continuous linear token vesting base contract
  • Soledge (Solidity): convert numbers to strings, transient storage helper & reentrancy guard
  • ERC4626 Vault exchange rate manipulation & mitigations
  • Natspec smells: identify missing or incomplete natspec
  • Brownie v1.20.0 (Python): no longer actively maintained
  • Napalm: productivity framework for custom Solidity vulnerability detectors
  • Farcaster Frames: mini apps in posts using an image & buttons to trigger callbacks
    • Frame verifier (Solidity): encode/verify MessageData structs containing Frame actions
    • OnchainKit FrameKit (TypeScript): get Frame HTML, message and metadata
  • mesc v0.2: configure & manage RPC endpoints
  • Secureum RACE #26: 8 question Solidity quiz & solutions


  • ERC1271 (signature validation for contracts) replay disclosure, possible when the signed digest doesn’t include the smart account address
  • Abracadabra’s Magic Internet Money $6.5M exploit via rounding error


Job Listings

Job listings: $600 for 4 issues (75 char limit).  Pay using 3cities.  Questions? abcoathup at-gmail

Onchain stats

  • Gas fees (via ultrasound.money): 6.4 to 152.8 gwei, with 19.7 gwei average
    • Zero net issuance currently at 22.0 gwei 
    • 1.8k ETH net issuance this week
  • ETHUSD: $2,243 – $2,380, currently $2,307
  • ETHBTC: currently 0.053 (Flippening at ~0.16)

Notable at app layer



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