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July 28, 2019

Ethereum News and Links

Layer 1

Layer 2

Client releases

  • Geth v1.9.1
  • Ethereum on ARM: new NanoPC-T4 and Raspberry Pi images with new supported devices and Prysmatic Eth2 client and VIPnode support

Stuff for developers


Governance and Standards

  • Latest core devs call. Notes. EIPs currently accepted into Istanbul: 1344 (chain ID opcode), 2028 (calldata gas reduction), 2024 (blake2b), 1108 (alt_bn128). EIPs tentatively accepted: 2200 (the new version of 1283 from Constantinople), 1962 (ECC precompile), 1884 (trie dependent reprice), 1057 (ProgPoW)
  • ProgPoW is back into Istanbul (pending audit results), because the audit is back on.
  • Preliminary report from ZCash ProgPoW audit: “ProgPoW is viable, but its use of GPU compute resources is far from optimal and its biggest advantage over Ethash isn’t its “programmability” but rather its different than Ethash’s reads from the DAG.”
  • Ropsten Istanbul fork now scheduled for September 4th.
  • ERC2212: Interest earning stakes
  • Jesse Walden: the most interesting apps will need to be actively governed
  • Results from Aragon’s third vote. The late-voting whale from last time voted in the middle this time, which effectively ended voting.

Application layer

Interviews, Podcasts, Videos, Talks 

Tokens / Business / Regulation


Dates of Note

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