January 11, 2018

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Project Announcements

  • Pangea – fractional real estate ConsenSys project comes out of stealth
  • MedCredits – physician registry
  • SmartLaw – real estate in a trust controlled by your ETH address. Reddit thread.

Project Updates

Token Sales

  • Vitalik on DAICOs – metered withdrawals of the proceeds from selling tokens, possibly denominated in DAI.
  • The Securities Board of the state of Texas filed an emergency cease and desist against the BitConnect scam.
  • Ryan Selkis on what tokens he thinks have long-term value.

Token Sale Projects

  • KodakCoin – the once great company saw its stock more than triple when it announced KodakCoin.  Worse, it appears Kodak is just licensing its brand name to an “ICO consulting company.”  Lots o’ buzzwords.
  • Seems like Venezuela’s Petro token is going to be on Ethereum.  If you buy this, not only are you going to get scammed, but you’re supporting a kleptocrat dictatorship that murders and tortures its people.
  • No link here, but Telegram wants to raise north of a billion USD for 44% of its tokens.  Yes you read that right.

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Dates of Note

From Token Sale Calendar.

Upcoming token sale start dates:

Ongoing token sales:

WARNING: list may include or even likely includes scams and quasi-scams.  Do your own research and due diligence before putting value at risk.

[I aim for a relatively comprehensive list of Ethereum sales, but make no warranty as to even whether they are legit; as such, I thus likewise warrant nothing about whether any will produce a satisfactory return. I have passed the CFA exams, but this is not investment advice.]

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