April 19, 2018

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EIP/ERC/governance — thanks to Nick Johnson for assistance

  • EIP999 — state modification to unfreeze the Parity multisig. Main discussion thread. (new)
  • Discussion continues on EIP960 — hard cap of Ether supply. Vlad also wrote a response, which Vitalik responded to. And Vlad’s counter response (updated)
  • ERC994 — delegated NFTs for “registration of land and physical property” (new)
  • ERC995 — an ERC20 extension to allow execution of calls inside transfer and approvals based on ERC827 (new)
  • ERC998 — “Composable Non-Fungible Token Standard” (new)
  • ERC1001 — a private key URI standard (new)
  • ERC1003 — ERC20 extension “for tokens with method that allows safely pass and handle tokens into smart contracts” (new)
  • Discussion on ERC930’s standard for eternal storage (updated)
  • (heated) discussion onERC792’s arbitration standard (updated)

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