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September 8, 2019

Eth News and Links


  • Geth v1.9.3 – maintenance release with Istanbul upgrade finalized
  • Least Authority’s ProgPow security audit, later discussed on core devs call. “We found no major issues and the design appears to function as intended.”
  • First call for the finality gadget working group that will use the eth2 chain to finalize the eth1 chain and then drastically reduce mining rewards.
  • Latest core devs call. Live tweeted notes. Oct 2 testnet fork, mainnet in Nov. Lots of blake2b discussion. Next hard fork after this one named “Berlin.”


Layer 2

Stuff for developers


Standards and governance topics

Application layer

Tokens / Business / Regulation


🎂 3 year anniversary 🎂

Just to repeat the advertisement immediately above: you can buy the limited edition NFT for 0.11 Eth which will unlock the annotated edition.

All proceeds will be back into Ethereum somehow, likely donated to a public good, at my discretion. And who knows, maybe there will be future benefits for the 200 NFT holders?

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