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April 6, 2024

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Pectra (Prague + Electra) upgrade (meta EIP7600)

  • Latest all core devs – consensus (ACDC) call video. Recap from Alex Stokes.  Notes from Christine Kim:
    • Missed slots: Lighthouse & Prysm updated to allow Beacon API submission of blobs even if block observed on p2p
    • Pectra upgrade (small fork targeting late 2024)
      • Electra included EIPs:
        • Pectra-devnet-0 spec EIP client implementation tracker
        • EIP6110 validator deposits onchain: mostly ready
        • EIP7002 execution layer triggerable exits: needs updating to handle partial withdrawals
        • EIP7251 maxEB: community input wanted on need for custom ceilings & EL initiated consolidations (touches EIP7002) at cost of added complexity
        • EIP7549 committee index outside attestation: may update for better packing efficiency
      • Electra candidates for inclusion:
        • EIP7547 IL (inclusion lists): EIP3074 compatibility issues
      • EIP7594 PeerDAS: work on in parallel to Electra, if going to be longer term could alternatively include EIP7659 to increase blob throughput
  • EIP7251 maxEB (increase max effective balance)
    • Breakout call notes: custom ceilings, min activation balance constant, week subjectivity issues and concerns from Lido
  • EIP7547 IL (inclusion lists)
    • Breakout call notes: potential solutions for validity & availability issues

Centralization watch: threatening the value of your ETH

Layer 1

Client Releases

  • Consensus layer:
    • Prysm v5.0.3: patch with enhancements & bug fixes
  • Execution layer:
    • Reth v0.2.0-beta.5: fixes Merkle pipeline stage out of memory issue, adds pruner timeout and supports running on NFS volumes

Layer 2


  • EIPs:
    • EIP7666: EVM-ify the identity precompile
    • EIP7667: Raise gas costs of hash functions
    • EIP7668: Remove bloom filters
    • EIP7669: Linear EVM memory limits
    • EIP7670: Reduced attestation format
    • EIP7675: Retroactively included EIPs
    • EIP7676: EOF – Prepare for address space extension
  • ERCs (application layer):
    • ERC7672: Event-driven NFT utilities
    • ERC7673: Distinguishable base256emoji addresses
    • ERC7674: Temporary approval extension for ERC20
    • ERC7677: Paymaster web service capability
    • ERC7679: UserOperation builder

Stuff for developers


  • Geth DoS vulnerability disclosed, nodes with exposed RPC could be crashed by applying EIPs out of order during an eth_call, fixed in v1.13.13



  • Project Agorá: BIS & 7 central banks explore tokenization of cross-border payments

Job Listings

Job listings: $600 for 4 issues (75 char limit).  Pay using 3cities.  Questions? abcoathup at-gmail

Onchain stats

  • Gas fees (via ultrasound.money): 8.6 to 120.5 gwei, with 25.8 gwei average
    • Zero net issuance currently at 22.7 gwei 
    • 2.8k ETH net burn this week
  • ETHUSD: $3,224 – $3,641, currently $3,325
  • ETHBTC: currently 0.049 (Flippening at ~0.16)

Notable at app layer



  • Vitalik: degen communism [posted April 1], chaos aligned with common good, e.g. memecoin issuance to charity, public goods funding, fork out concentrated players, land value taxes and Harberger taxes on IP
  • XZ Utils (compression library) backdoored, v5.6.0/1 impacted, found after logins via ssh 0.5s slower

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