Week in Ethereum News
November 27, 2016

 News and Links


  • The Spurious Dragon hard fork went off without a hitch at first.  But then it didn’t at block 2686351, when the two main clients disagreed with each other on a rather trivial issue. Consensus lost, unintentional fork.
    • Why? The spam clearing account (eg old or current) ran out of Ether, so the Geth client deleted the spam but the Parity client did not.  Either would be correct, but both clients must do the same thing.
    • There was some snarking between the dev teams on Twitter but the Yellow Paper spec was ambiguous.  [The Yellow Paper is quite dense and a reference version might be useful] 
    • In the end, Geth updated with a fix in a mere ~10 hours.  Transactions weren’t lost – the losers are the Geth miners on the abandoned chain.  
    •  Lessons will be learned and processes will be improved
  • Vitalik’s FAQ on cleaning the state of spam.  It will take another week (or slightly longer) to finish.
  • The develop version of Parity also set the default gas price to zero, so there was a brief kerfuffle, but miners realized and fixed it.
  • Alex van de Sande on progress made towards the Metropolis milestone release.



Token Sales


Dates of Note

[I aim for a relatively comprehensive list of Ethereum sales, but make no warranty as to even whether they are legit; as such, I thus likewise warrant nothing about whether any will produce a satisfactory return. This is not investment advice.]  

Misapplied Bitcoin Mindsets

This week saw plenty of misapplied Bitcoin mindsets in the Ethereum community.  

Every time we have a bump in the road (like we had this week), there are a minority of folks in the Ethereum community who freak out.  What about network effects?  OMG price matters!  Both sentiments got significant upvotes on Reddit this week.

Bitcoin’s network effects are monetary – whether people use Bitcoin as a store of value and/or payment method.   Price isn’t just important, it’s arguably the only thing.   That’s what matters in Bitcoin, but not in Ethereum.

Ethereum’s network effects are dapps – are developers building decentralized software on Ethereum?  

So the important question is always the same: are we closer to successful working dapps?                                                                                                      

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I set a goal of getting to 1000 subscribers by the end of the year.  Currently, we’re at 650.

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