April 2, 2017

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Bias transparency: if you host a blockchain conference and don’t use Ticketleap, I’m much less likely to include your conference, unelss you have a good reason as to why we’re not a good fit.  But I doubt you have one, because we’re likely a great fit.

[I aim for a relatively comprehensive list of Ethereum sales, but make no warranty as to even whether they are legit; as such, I thus likewise warrant nothing about whether any will produce a satisfactory return. I have passed the CFA exams, but this is not investment advice. If you’re interested in what I do, you can find my investing thesis and token sale appreciation strategies in previous newsletters.]

Errors or additions: weekinethereum@gmail.com

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I’m pleased to announce that this newsletter is now supported by Status.

They offered to help cover the costs of the newsletter, and in return I’ll be posting the weekly updates to Status’ blog. If you’ve been reading this newsletter for a while then you already know how I feel about their strategy for Ethereum adoption. That’s why I think they’re a good match.

Status has zero editorial control over what I publish.  Any complaints about editorial decisions or errors should be directed at me.

A note about transparency: we hope for this to be a long-term relationship, but either of us can opt out with a month of notice. I’ll receive some compensation for this in the form of tokens from their forthcoming crowdfunding efforts later this year.  As a Status tokenholder I’ll be incentivized to promote Status; however, it’s public that I currently hold Augur tokens, and I doubt anyone would accuse me of pumping REP in this newsletter.

Against “Power Hour” in token sales

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate the power hour concept in token sales?

Not only does it feel pretty scammy, but in practice we tend to see that if you don’t sell out during power hour then people are less likely to participate afterwards.

As this space matures, I feel very confident that no one will use power hours and that token buyers will increasingly view “power hour” as a yellow flag, or worse.

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