Week in Ethereum News
September 4, 2021

Eth News and Links

Mainnet execution layer

  • Latest core devs call video. Notes from Tim Beiko:
    • Consensus API discussion
    • Work in progress sync algorithm post PoW switch off
    • Fixed gas limit EIP debate
  • Erigon 2021.09.01-alpha: call tracing improved, bad.block flag changed to use block hash, fix for Ropsten testnet diversion
  • Nethermind v1.11.1: support for eth/66 (as eth/65 is being deprecated) and eth_feeHistory
  • Parallel EVM execution engine experiment: 120 tx block, 0 contention had 5x speedup, 100% contention + pessimistic had 17% slowdown


  • EIP3788: Strict enforcement of chainId
  • EIP3779: Safe Control Flow for the EVM

Proof of stake consensus layer


  • Arbitrum beta, initial cap of 80k arbgas per second (equivalent of mainnet), token bridge restricted to approved tokens, 7 day exits 
    • Ether and token bridge tutorial
    • Arbiscan block explorer by Etherscan
    • Reddit AMA with Arbitrum team
    • Selected apps live now: Uniswap, Celer’s cBridge, Balancer, Sushiswap, Dodo, MCDEX, Swapr. More apps coming soon
  • Celer cBridge adds support for Optimism for 3 minute exits; transfer between between mainnet, Optimism, Arbitrum and selected sidechains
  • StarkNet Alpha 2: composability, local testing and moved to Goerli; OpenZeppelin developing contracts library
  • Immutable X opens gas free NFT minting and trading

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Decentralized Perpetual Futures coming soon.

Stuff for developers




Application layer

  • Loot explainer: adventurer items as on chain text, bottom up NFT as possible seed for gaming universe; every address has synthetic loot
  • 1 million POAPs have been minted
  • Bored and Mutant Ape community receiving 3D models to use in metaverse
  • Animal coloring book generative NFT, onchain SVG colored on transfer
  • Trader: NFT trading with off-chain open order book, using social links
  • Doge NFT fractionalized as $DOG by PleasrDAO
  • NFT derivative floor perpetual, synthetics tracking the floor price of a project, mint by locking up an NFT from the project
  • Dfdao thesis: crypto-gaming governance is rapidly iterable, at bleeding edge of decentralized governance design 
  • Synthetix V2x scope: L1 improvements and tech debt, Optimism migration, new mechanisms and governance



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