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August 24, 2019

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Governance and Standards

  • Latest core devs call. Notes. Istanbul finalized EIPs: 152, 1108, 1344, 1884, 2028 and 2200. Clients to finish implementations in next 2 weeks, then pick a hard fork date.
  • Lots of core dev discussion about setting expectations for app developers: expect some breaking changes.
  • Also lots of core dev discussion on how to do 1884 gas repricing: the “correct” way to do it _may_ break some things, but want to try that before a “hacky” way that may be unnecessary. Listen to the call or read the notes for more.
  • Client tracker for Istanbul
  • Opinionator – votes weighted by gas usage

Live on mainnet

  • Clovers Network is live on mainnet. “mine” clover and then buy your collectibles with the in-game currency on a bonding curve.
  • Panvala is live on mainnet. Anyone can recommend who deserves Panvala tokens for work on public goods, and then token holders vote on recommendations.
  • RequestNetwork v2 is on mainnet. IPFS storage with Eth hash, and invoicing features.
  • Centrifuge’s Tinlake is live on mainnet. 180k USD in tokenized real world assets like invoice factoring and mortgages.

Application layer

Tokens / Business / Regulation


🎂 3 year anniversary 🎂

For the three year anniversary, we’re going to try a small experiment. 🥼

Next week I’m going to do two versions of the newsletter. One will be the normal edition, and one will be the gated “annotated edition.” People often tell me they would be willing to pay money to get an edition with more commentary and with more robust summaries.

Partnering with Unlock Protocol, you can buy the NFT for 0.11 Eth which will unlock next week’s annotated edition. There are 200 Week in Ethereum 3 year anniversary NFTs available.

All proceeds will be back into Ethereum somehow, likely donated to a public good, at my discretion. And who knows, maybe there will be future benefits for the 200 NFT holders?

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