Week in Ethereum News
December 4, 2021

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Mainnet execution layer

  • Update your nodes for Arrow Glacier upgrade
  • Tim Beiko’s core devs update:
    • Kintsugi on devnet-2, long lived devnet planned for mid December
    • Deep dive into EIP4488 to make rollups cheaper by reducing calldata costs
  • Erigon v2021.12.01: transaction pool price bump enabled, consistent with Geth, bump priority fee & max fee by 10%+ to replace transaction
  • Nethermind v1.12.1: hotfix for CLI & HealthChecksUI issues after .NET 6 upgrade
  • EIP4488 1MB block calldata limit analysis, 67 blocks have exceeded the proposed limit, 65 of 67 were from StarkWare experiment
  • Verkle tree structure explainer, shallower trees and smaller proofs
  • Impact of address space compression proposal (20 byte address: 4 byte prefix, 2 byte period & 14 byte hash), loses address collision resistance


Proof of Stake consensus layer


This newsletter is made possible thanks to NEAR!


NEAR has launched Simple Nightshade sharding to pave the way for greater throughput as NEAR reached 50 million transactions this week!

Simple Nightshade has four different state shards.  For devs and users, it’s important to note that NEAR treats cross-contract calls the same regardless of whether two contracts are on the same shard.

Early in 2022, phase 1 will introduce chunk-only producers, who only validate one shard and allow for further decentralization via more validators.  Full Nightshade is scheduled for q3 2022 and will feature full sharding of both state and processing.

Learn more about what’s going on in NEAR in the community-driven NEARweek newsletter.

Stuff for developers

  • Tim Beiko’s impact of PoW switch off on application layer: 
    • Mining & ommer block fields set to zero equivalent
    • BLOCKHASH opcode changes to weaker pseudorandomness, DIFFICULTY opcode renamed RANDOM
    • Block time in PoS is every 12 seconds except when a slot is missed (<1% of the time)
    • Safe head block expected to be in canonical chain, finalized block has been accepted as canonical by >2/3 of validators
  • Ethers.js v5.5.2: adds Arbitrum & Optimism to networks/providers
  • Hardhat VSCode extension signup for private beta
  • Vyper v0.3.1: immutable variables, uint8 type, checkable raw_call
  • Fe v0.11.0 alpha, Rust like modules, functions on structs, clearer array syntax
  • evm-codes: interactive reference to EVM opcodes, includes gas costs, examples and playground
  • Using SMTChecker formal verification module in Solidity compiler with  Remix & Dapptools
  • Slither used to detect missing withdrawal functionality in Wizard & Dragons contract
  • Send message from StarkNet Alpha to mainnet
  • keccak256-circom: experimental implementation of Keccak256 hash function in circom circuit
  • Monero Ethereum atomic swap work in progress prototype
  • Ephemeral networks cause issues with deployment systems & MetaMask caching, possible solutions: random chain id or new identifier


  • BadgerDAO ~$120 million exploit via token approvals from apparent compromised front end, contracts now paused, check token approvals
  • MonoX ~$31 million exploit on Ethereum and Polygon, pool drained via price manipulation of projects token
  • Visor Finance user pool & test pools exploited, spot price manipulation, user funds reimbursed from treasury
  • 0xhabitat team’s Gnosis Safe drained, phishing attack got multisig owners to sign malicious transactions
  • dYdX ~$2 million was at risk, contract vulnerability with set allowances used for deposit, funds rescued in partnership with samczsun



  • Budweiser US changed Twitter name to beer.eth and sold 1936 beer can NFTs for fiat and crypto, with flat $75 fee for minting
  • Skiff decentralized document collaboration adds login with MetaMask
  • Adidas changes Twitter profile pic to their Bored Ape

Application layer

  • Tornado Cash live on Arbitrum
  • Perpetual Protocol v2 live on Optimism
  • Lemma basis trading protocol live on Arbitrum
  • Premia single sided staking for call and put pools live on Arbitrum
  • Component Yield token compounding tool, experimental beta
  • DeversiFi governance token airdrop to active users, 31% in one category were filtered out as airdrop hunters
  • Bleeps NFTs, sounds generated on-chain from synthesizer in Yul outputting a wave file
  • The Signature, Simon de la Rouviere’s conceptual art NFT exploring provenance
  • RARA NFT RA!CE: NFT curation via like to earn
  • isotile: any NFT can now be added to a room

Job Listings

Reach people experienced with Ethereum.  $420 for two issues (~75 character limit), payable in ETH/DAI/USDC to abcoathup.eth.  Questions? abcoathup at-gmail



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