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September 26, 2017

Ethereum News and Links

  • Byzantium hard fork scheduled for October 17 on block 4,370,000.  Listen to the latest dev call.  Agenda.  Hudson’s notes and recap of the call
  • On Sep 22, Raiden announced a token sale and got lots of pushback. The pushback seemed largely a result of surprise in the community due to expectations from previous Raiden comments that monetization would be through Raidex.  Yet the pushback reminded me of how people in the community told Gnosis that no one would buy their tokens due to the Dutch auction structure – and then sold out at an absurdly high valuation.
    • To correct a common community misconception that has sprung up from Vitalik announcing he’d donate to second layer solutions, here’s more Vitalik, “I think some misinterpreted my remarks as me on my financial high horse accusing cash-strapped Raiden devs of greed. Not my intenti[o]n at all.”
    • Today: the Raiden Network Token Model.  tl;dr: native token for channel monitoring service, light node, pathfinding, etc.
  • Interactive Coin Offerings paper by Jason Teutsch and Vitalik Buterin.


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