Week in Ethereum News
August 21, 2021

Eth News and Links

Mainnet execution layer

  • Geth releasing hotfix on August 24 for undisclosed high severity security issue
  • Latest core devs call video. Notes from Tim Beiko;
    • London retrospective
    • ~December upgrade for difficulty bomb delay and potentially constant tweaks for EIP1559, no new EIPs before PoW switch off 
    • Clients focusing on PoW switch off and internal improvements
  • Erigon v2021.08.03: datadir parameter not backward-compatible and fix for trace_ RPC
  • Nethermind v1.11.0: added trace_filter and JSON RPC over IPC 
  • Network capacity ~9% higher post London due to ice age delay, pre-London blocks not always being full and EIP1559 formula
  • Visualization of estimated gas price 100k blocks before and after London upgrade, less volatility means fewer weekend downswings
  • Node crawler alpha, drill down by client, version and operating system


Proof of stake consensus layer


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Celer Network is a layer-2 scaling platform that brings fast, secure and low-cost blockchain applications. Celer cBridge v1.0 is now live on mainnet. Users are now able to use cBridge to instantly transfer tokens across Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain, with many more side chain and layer-2 chain integrations planned for in the near future. Anyone can run a cBridge node to join the cBridge Network and provide cross-chain and cross-layer liquidity while generating yields through transaction fees.

Stuff for developers

  • web3.js v1.5.2: removed default of transactions to Type 0
  • Remix IDE v0.16.2: Metamask v10.0.0+ support for type 2 transactions  
  • OpenZeppelin Contracts v4.3: modular on-chain governance based on Compound’s GovernorAlpha/GovernorBravo and ERC interfaces 
  • Guide to verifying a contract on Etherscan from OpenZeppelin
  • Hardhat difference between Hardhat Network and other configured networks
  • ts-essentials v8.0.0: updated for TypeScript v4
  • ethers-flashbots (Rust): ethers middleware to send transactions as Flashbots bundles
  • poseidon-tornado: Tornado Cash fork using Poseidon Hash
  • Typescript-eth-starter: simple Greeter smart contract on localhost and Rinkeby with React stack
  • Web3-Boilerplate: using RedwoodJS, Simple Wallet connector and useDapp
  • Lambda School developing blockchain course to convert developers to crypto developers




Application layer



Job Listings

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