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October 4, 2017

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  • Project Transparency: “voluntary initiative aims to encourage disclosure of wallets controlled by a project and provide a voluntary explanation of any expenditure greater than 0.5%” Participant list so far: Aragon, Cofound.it, District0x, Encrypgen, Etherisc, Hcash, Iconomi, Indorse, Lykke, Santiment, Dappbase, GATCOIN, Iconiq Lab, Virgil Capital, Musiconomi and Maecenas.  This exercise in industry self-regulation is being led by Santiment.  Hopefully more projects join.


  • Casper finality gadget with one message type, and simpler fork choice rule
  • Light client protocol v2
  • Vitalik: “Plasma trades off in a different direction: if there is an attack, then it will take O(N / C) time for everyone to withdraw back to the root chain, so the higher the scaling the more an attacker can cause delays”
  • Vitalik: “quadratic sharding is largely figured out at least theoretically”
  • How does Ethereum work anyway? by Preethi Kasireddy was fantastic If you want to brush up on the basics of Ethereum.  Or send to your friends.

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