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June 10, 2023

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Dencun (Cancun + Deneb) upgrade

  • Latest all core devs – execution (ACDE) call video. Summary & notes from Tim Beiko:
    • Cancun upgrade scope finalized: adds bounded EIP4788 (beacon root in EVM) & tentatively EIP5656 (MCOPY) if implementation/testing not a bottleneck
    • Cancun will not include EIP2537 (BLS), EIP5920 (PAY) & EIP7069 (revamped CALL instructions)
    • EIP4844 blobs per block set to 3 & 6 (target & limit) for devnets, may change for mainnet
    • Devnet 6 for EIP4844 to be launched next week
    • Holešky testnet (Goerli successor) first launch coordination call June 15, targeting September genesis (potentially too late for Dencun testing)
  • Consensus-specs v1.4.0-alpha.2: increases MAX_BLOBS_PER_BLOCK to 6 for EIP4844

Layer 1

Client releases

  • Execution layer:
    • Erigon v2.45.0: Caplin (embedded CL) bug fixes & DB layout changed for block bodies
    • Nethermind v1.19.2: support for upcoming Teku v23.6

For Stakers

  • EL sync driver: sync a new EL client using an existing CL client, no CL config changes required


Layer 2


  • ERCs:
    • ERC7144: ERC20 with transaction validation step
    • ERC7160: ERC721 multi-metadata extension

Stuff for developers



Notable at app layer

  • Maker DAO deployed 500M DAI with Coinbase for 2.6% annual rewards
  • FLAIR metric to measure intra-pool LP competitiveness in AMM
  • Forkable stablecoin design to manage contentious chain forks
  • 0xSplits Swapper: received tokens swapped into an output token, stackable e.g. create tax wallet
  • sudoswap v2 (NFT marketplace): onchain royalties, creator settings, ERC1155 support, conditional orders and fee streaming
  • Usernames.club: community namespaces for username NFTs, under usr.id, via Nouns auctions
  • Summa: zk proof of solvency for CEX, beta

Job Listings

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