December 21, 2018

Layer 1

What’s new in eth2

Notes from last Eth2 call

Vitalik wants feedback on Eth2 materials

Code for Artemis, the Beacon chain Java client from PegaSys

ELI5: randomness in Eth2 using a VDF

Combining Avalanche RANDAO and VDFs

Backwards-Forwards sync of Ethereum clients through requesting reverse diffs

On raising the gas limit (and storage management fees). Also a hypothetical on how many magnitudes more throughput we can get from the PoW chain

Mustafa Al-Bassam: Towards on-chain non-interactive data availability proofs

Vitalik: discouragement attacks

Layer 2

Stuff for developers



Live on mainnet


Governance and Standards

Application layer

Interviews, Podcasts, Videos, Talks

Tokens / Business / Regulation


Dates of Note

Upcoming dates of note (new in bold):

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