Week in Ethereum News
March 21, 2020

Eth News and Links


  • Latest core devs call. Tim Beiko’s notes.
    • Discussions (non-exhaustive list) about EIP inclusions in next hard fork: eip2537 (BLS12-381 curve precompile) final, so we can have eth2 light clients on eth1. eip2456 timestamp for scheduling instead of block number, eip2542 vs ungas, eip2046 reducing gas cost for static calls, and eip1962 generalized precompile
  • Geth v1.9.12 – eth_call no longer defaults to first account
  • Merry Go Round – an idea for syncing state, a la Bittorrent



Stuff for developers



Governance, DAOs, and standards

Application layer



Dates of Note

Upcoming dates of note (new in bold):

EthLagos postponed

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