Week in Ethereum News
July 31, 2021

Eth News and Links

Mainnet execution layer


  • EIP3675: Upgrade consensus to Proof-of-Stake
  • EIP3668: Durin: Secure off chain data retrieval

Proof of stake consensus layer

  • Lodestar validating on mainnet, beacon chain now has 5 mainnet clients
  • Danny Ryan’s Finalized PoS update: mainnet validators must upgrade their execution clients
  • Latest What’s New in Eth2
  • PoS implementers call (video not uploaded). Notes from Ben Edgington
  • Teku v21.7.0: optional upgrade, subcommand added to migrate to leveldb without a full resync and fixed file handle leak
  • Lido staking pool roadmap to trustless staking
  • Measuring staking decentralization: 31 parties would need to collude to control 51% of the beacon chain, 8 parties to collude to control 33%
  • Proof of concept QT-based block/node explorer
  • Attacking Gasper without adversarial network delay


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Stuff for developers




  • EY tested TaxGrid cross-border withholding tax solution, stakeholders included government departments of UK, Netherlands and Norway; uses ZK proofs, ERC20 and ERC721 tokens on a private permissioned network

Application layer


  • Uniswap.org interface removed tokens such as derivatives due to perceived regulatory pressure; Uniswap protocol and alternative interfaces unaffected
  • Proposed US infrastructure bill would require KYC for every address
  • US Senator Elizabeth Warren said in committee hearing: “crypto puts the [financial] system at the whims of some shadowy faceless group of super coders and miners”
  • DAO Treasury management using options, stablecoins and indices, borrowing against the treasury and range tokens
  • Simon de la Rouviere: NFT economies, creators vs collectors and collection sizes
  • Draft NFT licences, exclusive and non-exclusive variants
  • Five narratives for Ethereum with valuation models


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