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October 9, 2021

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Mainnet execution layer


  • EIP4345: Difficulty Bomb Delay to May 2022

Proof of stake consensus layer


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NEAR Con Alpha

NEAR CON Alpha is taking place in Lisbon on October 26th & 27th. The event is open to everyone to come and celebrate NEAR’s 1 Year Anniversary since Mainnet launch. Immerse yourself in two days of talks, networking, workshops and a whole lot more provided by the NEAR Ecosystem and its Community.

Stuff for developers

  • CREATE3 contract library to deploy contracts, deterministic address depends only on the salt and not the code, fixed 60k extra gas cost
  • SSTORE2 contract storage, cheaper than native storage for > 64 bytes, up to 17x cheaper than SLOAD and 3x cheaper than SSTORE, unaudited
  • ERC3652PureProxy: CREATE2 based pure proxy factory, executes delegate call in constructor
  • Fisher-Yates Shuffle, random on chain shuffle, O(n) complexity
  • noble-hashes: fast, secure, minimal JavaScript implementations of SHA2, SHA3, RIPEMD, BLAKE2, HMAC, HKDF, PBKDF2 & Scrypt
  • prb-math.js: JavaScript for PRBMath Solidity library, use in testing
  • Ξthernaut’s Solidity Trivia questions
  • eth-sdk: generate type-safe SDK for a contract using the address
  • Solidity dynamic array in storage can overwrite contract storage when using onlyOwner modifier
  • Vyper v0.3.0: refactored legacy backend, unblocks progress on requested features, use with care
  • Otterscan v2021.10.01: transaction decoding of non-verified contracts and improved support for Sourcify verified contracts
  • mev-inspect-py: finds miner payments, token transfers, swaps and arbs
  • Guide to setting up Nile for StarkNet’s Cairo language
  • Auto battler logic in Python with STARK proof in Cairo


  • COMP at risk increased to ~490k, drip function sent ~200k COMP backlog to Comptroller, community have been returning COMP
  • Staking pool vulnerability impacting Lido and Rocket Pool, deposit can be frontrun putting funds at risk, flagged by StakeWise, raised in Eth Research in late 2019
  • Searcher contract exploited for $1 million as token approvals function didn’t have appropriate checks


Application layer

  • ENS profiles support NFT avatars
  • Mirror opens publishing to all
  • Rune pitches a vision for MakerDAO where Dai backed by solar, wind and ESG corporate bonds, plus updated tokenomics allowing locked MKR to have greater voting power with more attractive rates 
  • Etherscan visualisations of state of bridges
  • Difference between Nexus Mutual token price (from bonding curve) and wrapped token price (market sentiment) used for 50% discount on buying coverage
  • Ethereum leads NFT ecosystem with over $6 billion in secondary sales
  • Context beta, follow NFT activity of DAOs, creators and collectors
  • RICKS (Recurrently Issued Collectively Kept Shards), use cases include fractionalized NFTs and addressing DAO apathy
  • Infinity decentralized NFT marketplace, vampire attack of OpenSea with governance token airdrop

Job Listings

Reach people experienced with Ethereum.  $420 for two issues (~75 character limit), payable in ETH/DAI/USDC to abcoathup.eth. Questions? abcoathup at-gmail



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