Week in Ethereum News
October 29, 2022

Eth News and Links

Layer 1

  • Latest core devs call video. Notes from Tim Beiko & Christine Kim:
    • Shanghai upgrade scope to be finalized over the next month, could be split into two upgrades
    • Shanghai will include withdrawals + EIP3651 (warm COINBASE), EIP3855 (PUSH0) & EIP3860 (limit & meter initcode)
    • EIP4844 (proto-danksharding) & EOF being worked on in parallel, may be included in Shanghai depending on specs being finalized & implementation complexity
    • EIP1153 (transient storage) & EIP4758 (deactivate SELFDESTRUCT) are potential inclusions
    • Timestamp as upgrade trigger to be tested on Shanghai devnet
    • Discussion on eth/68 (announce transactions with type & size rather than gossip them)
  • Consensus specs v1.3.0-alpha.0: adds withdrawal test vectors
  • EIP4844 proto-danksharding:
    • EIP4844 implementers call video and notes
    • Blobscan: testnet blob explorer
    • Protolambda: blobspace, history of sharding design
    • .oO: danksharding meme; blobs will get bigger over time
  • Jim McDonald: impact of MEV-Boost relays, 3% decrease in correct attestations for relayed blocks versus locally built blocks
  • Flashbot’s sync-proxy: beacon node requests proxied to multiple execution layer clients


  • Proposal to burn MEV via block proposer auctions; Hasu argues that it isn’t viable

Client releases

  • Consensus Layer:
    • Lighthouse v3.2.1: patch for v3.2.0 to fix ~80ms increase in block import times
    • Prysm v3.1.2: bug fixes & improvements
    • Teku v22.10.2: fixes & optimisations

Layer 2


  • EIP5827: Auto-renewable allowance extension
  • EIP5843: EVM modular arithmetic extensions

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  • Code actions (quick fixes) suggested from compiler errors/warnings for Hardhat projects
  • Implement missing functions on interface with stubs
  • Constrain mutability by adding view/pure to function signature
  • Meet inheritance requirements by adding virtual/override on function signature
  • Provide accessibility by adding public/private to function signature

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Stuff for developers




Application layer

Job Listings

Job listings: $600 for four issues (75 character limit), payable in ETH/DAI/USDC to abcoathup.eth on mainnet or Layer 2. Pay with one click using 3cities.  Questions? abcoathup at-gmail



  • Matt Levine’s 40,000 word Bloomberg Businessweek cover story on why crypto is interesting
  • Vitalik’s Revenue-evil Curve argues that subsidies for public goods should focus on reducing the pressure to monetize where the marginal monetization most hurts the user experience
  • Flookup: gets closer to when complex >32 bit operations can be done directly via lookup in snarks
  • Hashing to the secp256k1 Elliptic Curve
  • Isomorphic elliptic curves on the secp256k1/secq256k1 cycle
  • PayPal reintroduces controversial terms allowing them to take $2500 if they don’t like what you say

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