February 8, 2019

Ethereum News and Links

Layer 1

  • [eth1] Eth1 roadmap q&a video and notes
  • [eth1] Alexey Akhunov on the Eth1 workshop, and parts two and three
  • [eth2] eth2 spec v0.2.
  • [eth2] Vitalik: “If you followed the 1.0 release process back in 2014-15, the spec is arguably more significant than a testnet”
  • [eth2] Soleimani/Slipper/Tsui report on Eth2 implementation sparked lots of chat.
  • [eth2] Ben Edgington responded to this report in What’s New in Eth2: “It’s not wrong, it just kind of misses the point…. Rather than throwing in the towel by reverting to old-school ways of working, I would dearly love to see more good thinking on how we might do decentralisation better. There is certainly scope for doing better, this I do agree with.”
  • [eth2] Justin Drake on Eth2 timelines: “2019, 2020, 2021 for phases 0, 1, 2 respectively.”
  • [eth2] More Justin: “Phase 1 is significantly simpler than both phases 0 and 2. I expect it to come relatively soon after phase 0. Phase 1 can provide scaling by being the data availability layer for L2 execution engines…. The hard part of phase 1 is getting libp2p/gossipsub production-ready.” Parts of phase 1 and 2 are being worked on in parallel with phase 0.
  • [eth2] Speaking of phase 1 networking: Why libp2p? a networking layer explainer from Parity
  • [eth2] Vitalik is bullish on the Eth2 roadmap: “My latest position is that the current quadratic beacon chain architecture is all we’ll need for a long long time. Maybe forever.”
  • [eth2] More on what’s in the Eth2 roadmap in the latest Eth2 implementer call notes
  • [eth2] Logic and economics around how long to process a stake withdrawal
  • [eth2] Lighthouse dev update. Sets expectations for q1 testnet: cross-client public testnet, may only be short-lived. This update was particularly readable even for non-Eth2 experts
  • [eth2] Yeeth dev update
  • [eth2] Rocketpool has a beacon chain simulator they’ll use for a staking pool test, with RPL rewards for testers.
  • [eth2] Eth2 implementer workshop notes and video
  • [eth2] A short and high level overview of the Beacon Chain, eth2’s phase 0
  • If you’re a developer who wants to know how Eth2 will affect your code, ask your question here.

Layer 2

Client releases – get ready for the fork!

Stuff for developers




Governance and Standards

  • A proposal lost in Aragon vote. Things losing votes seems like a good thing to start happening occasionally. (Missed this last week due to Twitter wrongfully banning me)

Application layer

Interviews, Podcasts, Videos, Talks 

Tokens / Business / Regulation


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