November 9, 2018

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Dates of Note

Upcoming dates of note (new additions in bold):

  • Dec 7-9 – ETHSingapore hackathon (ETHGlobal)
  • Jan 10 – Mobi Grand Challenge hackathon ends
  • Jan 29-30 – AraCon (Berlin)
  • Feb 7-8 – Melonport’s M1 conf (Zug)
  • Feb 15-17 – ETHDenver hackathon (ETHGlobal)
  • Feb 23-25 – EthAustin hackathon (EthUniversal)

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Note: The post-Devcon issue came out a bit late. Hence the short issue this week.

This week I also published “why didn’t my post make it into Week in Ethereum” if you’re wondering how I think about newsletter curation.

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