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September 4, 2017

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  • The supposed “China ban on ICOs” was the big news of the week. Here’s the primary document. I don’t speak Mandarin, so I’ll note that there’s plenty of disagreement in the West about what exactly was said and more importantly what was meant – because predictive power is always the most important thing.  It does seem like the exchanges and “ICO platforms” feel like they’ve been prohibited from listing tokens.
  • An “ICO” no one had heard of refunded the $40k it had collected because it said SEC Enforcement contacted them.  Of course it got wide press coverage, though we never did get confirmation on whether the SEC had talked to them.
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  • Buried in the middle of Augur’s latest weekly update: “Micah gave a nice overview of the new REP fee structure on Reddit.”   There’s a bit more elaboration on StackExchange
    • tl;dr: Augur has made a big change to its fee reporting schedule, which means they’ve made a big change to REP valuation.
    • REP’s previous trading level implied a certain level of throughput. If you believe that the new model works as Augur believes, then REP is massively undervalued compared to its previous valuation paradigm.
  • FunFair also buried the lede* in large update: they will burn many of the existing tokens they had planned for a second sale and sell “a much smaller number” on an Asian tour.  Given that almost 70% of total supply had been reserved for a second sale, this is a huge factor. (* spelled correctly for you non-journalists)
    • Standard setting transparency with regard to cash management, legal structures, and hiring. Kudos to FunFair
  • To me, these are both pretty big announcements that should affect token valuations, yet they haven’t. It’s an excellent reminder that crypto asset markets are not yet efficient markets.   (full disclosure: I own both REP and FUN but did not trade within a week in advance of this publication and pledge not to within the next 24 hours upon sending)


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