Week in Ethereum News
October 2, 2021

Eth News and Links

Mainnet execution layer

  • Latest core devs call video. Notes from Tim Beiko: interop between execution and consensus clients started for PoW switch off
  • Geth v1.10.9: bugfix release, drops eth/65 networking protocol
  • Erigon v2021.10.01: hotfix for RPC daemon dual mode, upgrade if using v2021.09.05
  • EthereumJS v0.1: TypeScript client for R&D (not production, can’t sync yet)


  • EIP4337: Account Abstraction via Entry Point Contract specification

Proof of stake consensus layer

  • Danny Ryan’s Finalized PoS update: PoW switch off specs are near feature complete, core logic is stable, client teams now building out logic and testing with other teams on short-lived devnets
  • Altair mainnet release specs
  • PoW switch off interop spec
  • NodeWatch: consensus node explorer 
  • Prysmatic Labs wants to avoid Prysm majority by working to support validator API for cross client GUIs, beacon API for easier client switching, remote signer for institutions and standards for picking clients
  • Security review of Beacon chain clients focusing on Lighthouse and Prysm, 35 issues reported (none high severity) and analysis of supply-chain risks
  • Mutable forest memory model for consensus pyspecs
  • Stereum v1.7 (beacon chain client installer): update launcher for security fixes from ongoing audit
  • Proofs of Custody: how it fixes incentives to keep validators from getting lazy


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Stuff for developers

  • Solidity v0.8.8 and v0.8.9 (bug fixes): user defined value types (fixed in v0.8.9), override keyword optional for interface functions, read immutable variables in the constructor, min and max for enums, fix for signed immutables (introduced in v0.6.5)
  • VS Code Solidity v0.0.129: support for multiple folders in workspaces and remappings
  • Use Solidity @custom natspec tags to add structured information into the metadata json and hashed into the bytecode
  • EthereumJS releases: Block, Blockchain ready for PoW switch off (experimental), Snappy Compression for devp2p (RLPx v5), custom chain genesis state support, consensus bug fix in Blake precompile
  • web3.js v1.6.0: switching out old dependencies preparing to LTS v1.x
  • ethers-rs v0.5.3 (Rust): configure optimizer and pass arguments to compiler, decimal support, fixed wei calculation
  • starknet-hardhat-plugin (Cairo): use Hardhat to compile, deploy and test with Mocha
  • MakerDAO governance managing contracts on Arbitrum and Optimism using async messages
  • Debugging Compound bug using dapptools
  • Ethermine private RPC endpoint
  • Guide to run your own node alongside Infura
  • Forta decentralized security protocol for real-time monitoring of contracts, incubated by OpenZeppelin


  • Compound bug gives large amounts of COMP rewards, bounded at 280k of COMP (~$83 million)
  • DeversiFi deposit using hardware wallet had 7676 ETH gas fee, due to JavaScript library decimal handling and the Ledger hardware wallet displaying the fee in hex, funds were returned with 50 ETH fee
  • Token revert phishing attacks show the downside of automatic token detection, Etherscan will only display error messages for updated tokens unless in advanced mode
  • Symbolic value-flow static analysis of contracts, used to find 6 vulnerabilities with $350k paid in bug bounties



Application layer

  • TikTok Top Moments: creator NFTs on Immutable X, marketed as carbon neutral
  • Twitter NFT profile pic prototype, connect wallet, download NFTs from OpenSea, select NFT to display profile pic with Ethereum logo checkmark, collectible tab shows NFTs owned
  • Matcha gasless trading using 0x and professional market makers
  • DAO legal vending machine: summon Moloch V2 DAO, preloaded with minion app to carry on external business, wrapped in charter
  • Mirror opens crowdfund tools, 20 ETH cap for non-members
  • POAP secret word minting on mobile apps, one POAP per mobile install
  • dYdX perp liquidity far surpasses centralized exchanges

Job Listings

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