Week in Ethereum News
April 30, 2022

Eth News and Links

Mainnet execution layer

  • Latest core devs call video. Notes from Tim Beiko & Christine Kim:
    • Focus on 2 more mainnet shadow forks, clients passing hive tests & fixing outstanding bugs
    • Difficulty bomb not delayed, review in two weeks
    • Testnets post-merge are Goerli & Sepolia, plan to deprecate Rinkeby & Ropsten but other orgs may want to maintain
    • Discussion on RPC safe/unsafe/latest labeling
    • MEV boost: validators/proposers to set gas limit rather than builders
  • Erigon v2022.04.04-alpha: workaround to improve snapshot download speed via BitTorrent 
  • Rough sketch of Verkle tree migration
  • NiceNode: alpha interface to run a Geth node on Linux, Mac or Windows

Proof of Stake consensus layer

PoW switch off (the merge)



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Stuff for developers



Application layer

Job Listings

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