Week in Ethereum News
September 29, 2019

Eth News and Links


  • Beam Sync: gets all block headers, executes a recent block using the witness and subsequently fills in state as it executes blocks by getting data from peers. From the Trinity team, it can reduce sync time to minutes.
  • Gary Rong reduces disk i/o 10x during Geth full sync by patching levelDB
  • evmone v0.2.0 – 66% faster code processing and execution
  • Parity v2.5.9-stable and v2.6.4-beta adds block numbers for the Istanbul testnet forks
  • Hyperledger Besu v1.2.4 also adds testnet block numbers


Layer 2

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🎂 3 year anniversary 🎂

I did another annotated version for the folks who bought the NFT. They can read the limited edition. This will very likely be the last annotated edition.

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