Week in Ethereum News
July 2, 2022

Eth News and Links

PoW switch off (the Merge)

Mainnet execution layer

Proof of Stake consensus layer



  • EIP5185: NFT updatable metadata extension
  • EIP5187: Extending ERC1155 with rentable usage rights
  • EIP5189: Account Abstraction via Endorsed Operations
  • EIP5192: Minimal Soulbound NFTs

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Stuff for developers


  • XCarnival $3.8 million exploit, withdrawn pledged NFT was used as collateral, attacker negotiates 1500 ETH bounty
  • Quixotic NFT marketplace $145k exploit on Optimism, approved ERC20 tokens stolen, users refunded, Stratos on Arbitrum not affected
  • DNS hijack of Polygon & Fantom public RPC gateways provided by Ankr


Application layer

  • Arbitrum Odyssey promotion paused due to high gas fees from capacity throttling, will resume after Nitro upgrade
  • Gitcoin grants round 14 recap, $4.9 million in grants
  • Lyra Avalon (options trading) live on Optimism
  • Karma DAO reputation NFT badge minting [Disclosure: Starbloom portfolio]
  • Rentable v2 is live: yield on NFTs if someone wants to rent it
  • Governance drama at MakerDAO over a disagreement on real world assets between Rune (who won) and Luca Prosperi (who lost), while Nikolai is generally against all of it

Job Listings

Job listings: $600 for four issues (~75 character limit), payable in ETH/DAI/USDC to abcoathup.eth on mainnet/Arbitrum/Optimism. Pay with one click using 3cities.  Questions? abcoathup at-gmail



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