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September 30, 2023

Eth News and Links

Dencun (Cancun + Deneb) upgrade

  • Latest all core devs – execution (ACDE) call video. Recap by Tim Beiko.  Notes from Tim Beiko and Christine Kim:
    • Devnet-9 using EIP4788 mainnet address & manual deployment and plan to test MEV-Boost; KZG ceremony trusted setup expected next week
    • EIP7514 (max churn limit) to be tested on short lived devnet-10 with high number of validators
    • EIP4788 (beacon root) issues fixed from 3 audits: 0 timestamp & ring buffer size
    • Discussion on proposed EIP7503 (onchain privacy via reminting burnt ETH)
  • Devnet-9 launched

Centralization watch: threatening the value of your ETH

Layer 1

Client releases for Holešky testnet

  • Consensus layer:
  • Execution layer:
    • Besu v23.7.3
    • Erigon v2.49.3: Holešky; v2.50.0: implements Cancun EIPs
    • Geth v1.13.2: fixes for path db storage schema corner cases
    • Nethermind v1.21.0: executable renaming, throttling RPC calls, Trie recovery & sync time reduction
    • Reth v0.1.0-alpha.9: implements Cancun EIPs, revm state handling API reworked and pruning improvements; v0.1.0-alpha.10: Holešky


Layer 2


  • EIPs
    • EIP7525: Expire state of the inactive accounts
  • ERCs (application layer):
    • ERC7524: PLUME signature in wallets
    • ERC7526: Onchain NFT royalty enforcement

Stuff for developers




  • Bank of International Settlements Project Mariana: proof of concept for cross-border exchange of wholesale CBDCs using AMMs on Sepolia testnet
  • Buenos Aires digital identity: QuarkID wallet can be used to claim birth & marriage certificates, uses zkSync Era

Onchain stats

  • Gas fees (via ultrasound.money): 5.5 to 74.1 gwei, with 10.7 gwei average
    • Negative issuance currently at 20.9 gwei 
    • 7.9k ETH net issuance this week
  • ETHUSD: $1,569 – $1,684, currently $1668
  • ETHBTC: currently 0.062 (Flippening at ~0.16)

Notable at app layer

  • Arbitrum Odyssey relaunched, 7 week campaign for users to try apps & collect badges
  • Pudgy Toys: physical Pudgy Penguin plushies, sold in Walmart, licensing royalties shared with NFT holders, purchasers can claim a Forever Pudgy on zkSync
  • Nouns DAO burn proposal: incentivize spending the treasury otherwise excess ETH can be burnt
  • Paris Hilton promoting MareBear NFTs: Tamagotchis pets

Job Listings

Job listings: $600 for four issues (75 character limit).  Questions? abcoathup at-gmail



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