Week in Ethereum News
March 4, 2023

Eth News and Links

Shapella (Shanghai + Capella) upgrade

  • Sepolia testnet successfully upgraded to Shapella
  • withdrawal-mainnet-shadowfork-2 successfully upgraded to Shapella, circuit breaker to local block building tested
  • Latest all core devs – execution (ACDE) call video. Notes from Tim Beiko:
    • Goerli testnet Shapella upgrade scheduled for March 14, 10:25 PM UTC
    • Mainnet Shapella upgrade ~4 weeks after Goerli (assuming no issues), date to be selected at next ACDE call
    • Cancun planning discussions: SSZ, EIP4788 (beacon state root in EVM), EIP2537 (BLS12-381 precompile) & removing SELFDESTRUCT
    • Geth proposals to remove eth/66, pending blocks & pre-merge sync
  • Wallet devs: withdrawals increment account balances without transactions

Dencun (Cancun + Deneb) upgrade

Layer 1


For Stakers

  • Rocket Pool Rescue Node: fallback node for temporary access in case of emergencies or maintenance

Layer 2


  • ERCs:
    • ERC6596: Historical asset metadata JSON schema

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Stuff for developers

  • Hardhat v2.13.0: ES Modules (ESM) support and improved IR based compilation
  • Remix v0.31: fork mainnet/testnets/custom networks, check UUPS contracts for storage layout incompatibilities, backup files/folders, UML zooming and Remixd v0.6.12
  • Foundry:
    • forge-std v1.5.0: StdStyle for console colors/styles, left/right shown for assertion failures, ERC721 & ERC1155 deal cheats, assertEqCall and minimum gas variants of expectCall
    • Foundry scripts base abstract contract
  • Trail of Bits properties for ABDKMath64x64, ERC20 & ERC4626, use with Echidna fuzzing or Foundry unit tests
  • OpenZeppelin v4.8.2: fix for ERC721Consecutive incorrect balance with batch of 1
  • Unchecked counter: `+` user defined operator to improve readability of unchecked loops
  • Bit shifting and masking in assembly (Yul)
  • Poseidon-huff: Poseidon hash function ported to Huff
  • Fe (language) v0.21.0-alpha: Self type, Max/Min traits with implementations for numeric types
  • wagmi ABIType v0.6: adds human-readable ABI type-level & runtime parse utilities
  • Starter kits:
    • Buidl-frontend: wagmi, RainbowKit, Next.js; plus message signing, sign in with Ethereum & contract deploy
    • Optimism starter: wagmi, Foundry, RainbowKit & Vite; plus Optimism’s attestation station
  • tx2uml v1.1.0: adds value transfer diagrams
  • Sybil Form: sybil-resistant form using Gitcoin Passport
  • Tenderly Faucet: fork a network and fund addresses via the faucet
  • CTFs:
  • Fusion zkRollup: experimental simple rollup in Rust



Application layer

Job Listings

Job listings: $600 for four issues (75 character limit), payable in ETH/DAI/USDC to abcoathup.eth on mainnet or Layer 2.  Questions? abcoathup at-gmail



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