Week in Ethereum News
August 14, 2021

Eth News and Links

Mainnet execution layer

  • Geth v1.10.7: potential breaking change in eth_feeHistory API
  • Erigon v2021.08.02: added txpool_status, eth_maxPriorityFeePerGas, eth_feeHistory; vmTrace in trace_ RPC methods and improved Grafana metrics
  • Nethermind v1.10.79b: Fixed memory and CPU usage
  • ~17% of transactions are Type 2 (EIP1559) and growing
  • Post London discussion for EIP1559 implementers call and agenda
  • Piper’s granular functionality needed by a client for the state network component of the portal network
  • Impact of Verkle trees on existing contracts, ~26% average gas increase


  • EIP3712: Multiple Fungible Token Standard

Proof of stake consensus layer


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Stuff for developers



  • MetaMask v10: EIP1559 transaction support live on mobile and Firefox, rolling out on Chrome
  • GridPlus Lattice1 is first hardware wallet to support EIP1559 transactions
  • BetaRPC: privately routes ~1% of transactions affected by MEV, integrates TaiChi and MEV relays
  • Plan to rename Eth1 to Execution layer and Eth2 to Consensus layer, starting with GitHub and R&D Discord
  • What EF teams worked on in Q2


Application layer

  • Airdrip: DAOs stream call options to contributors and community members
  • Curve Finance users can bribe curve holders to vote for their rewards
  • Hegic V8888: peer-to-pool options trading, experimental beta use at own risk
  • Zapper decided not to switch on 0.4% fee for Zaps
  • NFT Lottery: sell NFTs in a raffle
  • Mallows proof of concept for bring your own algorithm, offering customized UX in web3/metaverse based on the algorithm in the NFT (Disclosure: purchased 2 Mallows)
  • Token Engineering Commons minimal goal reached for hatch
  • POAP websites: create a single unique URL per event to claim
  • Onchain blog: read messages in transaction input data for an address
  • NFT widget app for iOS, displays NFTs as widgets
  • Péter Szilágyi’s I’m the Chad NFT: 1 of 1, claimable when base fee is higher than previously purchased



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